Dear Johnny,

Every self help and cheap pharmacy psychology book says one needs to move forward. It seems quite easy and straightforward. Life must goes on and all that.

Of course for those who simply have to start walking, that’s an amazingly easy thing to do. For others who are chained it’s quite the opposite. Because moving forward means pulling on your chains. It means hurting or even breaking the ankles of the people with whom you are shackled.

It also means exposing yourself to the multiple weapons the Guru keeps at all times in case someone tried to run away. You will quickly become the evil one, the tormentor and everyone will stone you without thinking twice. You see, he’s the one hurting you! If he didn’t try to run away you wouldn’t be in pain!

Maybe you’ll find a way to do it without waking up the giant. You have to try. Because once you’re out of the bubble he built, you can’t go back. It’s fight or flight but a whole lot slower than if you were facing a wolf. Because the wolf will just jump on you an feast on your insides. Your Guru is more like a psychopathic kid with an ant farm and a magnifying glass. He enjoys burning off little parts of you whilst keeping you alive so you know who’s the boss. So if you’re going to get away, you need to be surgically precise or the whole thing could blow up in your face.

Johnny, I am absolutely terrified to start walking. I wish all of this could just disappear. I wish I could have been born without those chains. Sometimes I think of my childhood and wish I could relive it as a free and normal child.

So here’s to hoping I won’t get shot in the process. Here I am, moving forward.