Open the gates the tremble fades
The ringing resounds sounds like crave
Like the fatherless father that never knows how
Build a home and a fire without burning the house

Into the sons of the son the training remains
Looking out the window ignoring the train
When failure’s a mantra and nothing revives
The will of the man who tries to be wise

When the home that you keep is the knife in your throat
And the walls where they creep cradle your own faults
And the children you love so much you could blow
Try to keep them dry and the boat afloat

When the screaming starts, the signals get mixed
The battle descends with the wrong kind of fix
The wires are wrong, the system fails
My stomach turns and the tears prevail

Through the eyes of a father who never knew how
Been guided by strings, a choker to bow
Building the future from an empty canvas
No more light to guide the feet that I crafted

And I still carve myself in the wood of a tree
As hard as I can so I don’t crumble in the sea
Where I couldn’t swim, I never knew how
Hang on to a check as if a lifeboat, a cloud

Through that dream that I have to give them everything
Someday I’ll make my way to become something
More than I was and was ever taught
Until then, chaos rules the kingdom I sought