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Dear Johnny, They say there are 5 stages to grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. I have to say I’ve gone through all of those in the last 2 years after my awakening but not necessarily in this order…. Continue Reading →

The Bear

Dear Johnny, I was facing a bear. One has to admit that it’s a beautiful animal. You might be tempted to pet or cuddle it. After all, as soon as you’re born, you’re surrounded with stuffed animals which can give… Continue Reading →


Dear Johnny, I was walking along the road when it dawned on me. Given I was taken as an infant, I grew up thinking the Traitor was a hero. A silent hero. Someone I thought was strong and fearless. Someone… Continue Reading →

Kind of free

Dear Johnny, They kept her in a dark room. I knew she wasn’t far since I could hear her scream and cry. She would sometimes whisper to me. There was a Traitor chained with us. We never realized it because he… Continue Reading →


Dear Johnny, You know what’s worst than knowing something bad? Doubt. While I was getting ready to move away from the Guru, another captive pulled on my shackles and told me that I wasn’t chained at all, so I didn’t… Continue Reading →

Moving Forward

Dear Johnny, Every self help and cheap pharmacy psychology book says one needs to move forward. It seems quite easy and straightforward. Life must goes on and all that. Of course for those who simply have to start walking, that’s… Continue Reading →


Dear Johnny, I’ve become completely terrified of death. We see people commit suicide or pass away after an illness or simply of old age. I’ve seen an interview with Neil deGrasse Tyson where Larry King asks him if he thinks… Continue Reading →


Dear Johnny, Some people are born with a chain around their hand, feet and neck. For others, the shackles are put on by a loved one who would rather control them like a dog with a choker. With time, not… Continue Reading →

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