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Tear those children apart Make them build your wall Don’t mind those severed pieces Their blood will give you leverage After all they’re only animals to you Rampant bugs that you can crush And feel your power in your shoe… Continue Reading →


Open the gates the tremble fades The ringing resounds sounds like crave Like the fatherless father that never knows how Build a home and a fire without burning the house Into the sons of the son the training remains Looking… Continue Reading →

Fear The Reaper

Last page of a book with no end When void takes over conscience Powerless waiting for the rapture Existence trivial moments we capture If life is sacred it’s can be ended With no tomorrow to dust faded Time is a… Continue Reading →


There’s noise in the attic Like some kind of addict I’ve yet to move away from the phanthomatic Screams of panic Like Johnny before me The world though the eyes Of a home of crazy And children despised Yet the… Continue Reading →

Idle and burnt

Idle, I cannot move Choked by the weight on my lungs Watching as I unshackle my feet There world is burning I cannot get off Idle, I cannot move I cannot feel their warmth I want to cut my skin… Continue Reading →


I dreamt last night of a boy Holding hands with the sun Smiling through the clouds Hoping for a chance to show his true colors As he ran towards the light Hoping to be cradled by protective hands He was… Continue Reading →


All fears gone and a new sun is born Mended my pieces and faith untorn The magic lies inside those eyes The turbulence is left outside the blinds Explosions and lights surround our nights As kisses perfection before my sight… Continue Reading →

Miss You

An empty sight for sore eyes Lonely night silent sighs Portraits of perfection Images of affection Mourning temporary Faded smile junky Still I dream Come to me Miss you


Light comes upon darkness As windows shift to sand Face off arrives in strangeness Secret drawings of your hand Open balm to flames too high Burn down the rivers Images arrive sweeping sighs Key to the door of treasures Mixed… Continue Reading →

Face Off

Oblivious eyes Opened to find What is not mine What made me blind The wish to see What once could be Great and untouched Unharmed and free Fight the fear Face to face Fade to hear Needless pace Minds flash… Continue Reading →

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