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June 2018


Tear those children apart Make them build your wall Don’t mind those severed pieces Their blood will give you leverage After all they’re only animals to you Rampant bugs that you can crush And feel your power in your shoe… Continue Reading →


Dear Johnny, They say there are 5 stages to grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. I have to say I’ve gone through all of those in the last 2 years after my awakening but not necessarily in this order…. Continue Reading →

Savage (demo)

  A fusion to break Pieces to mend When honor’s at stake The means to an end Instinct of survival When one understands That a mother’s touch Can be a murderous hand A father with a gun For his wife’s… Continue Reading →

The Bear

Dear Johnny, I was facing a bear. One has to admit that it’s a beautiful animal. You might be tempted to pet or cuddle it. After all, as soon as you’re born, you’re surrounded with stuffed animals which can give… Continue Reading →

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